About Us.


In the summer of 1957, there was a fire in an area of the San Bernardino mountain range that is now Silverwood Lake. A fire captain walked in to a small butcher shop on Highland Avenue in San Bernardino. The department was in need of 800 steaks to feed hungry fire fighters and the proprietor, Ron V. Rezek, was there to meet their needs.

Rezek Equipment – About us: Life in 1957 was much different than what we know today. Technology was a word seldom used or defined. Equipment was primitive by today’s standards. Times were tough and discouragingly difficult at best. The only road to survival was hard work. Ron V. Rezek knew the road of hard work and combined this with ingenuity and visionary perception for the near and distant future.

Supplying steaks to meet fire service needs was a blessing that helped pay the bills. Ron Rezek realized this as an opportunity. Perishable food required refrigerated storage. At a time when crews in other regions suffered from food poisoning, Ron provided refrigerated boxes to keep food supplies safe. Operations in the field also required illumination. Portable lighting was not a known commodity in 1957, so Ron created lighting devices.

Refrigerated storage began as a box that was delivered flat and assembled on-site. Portable lighting consisted of cords with sockets. As the years passed, Ron V. Rezek continually improved and expanded his resources. As technology became available it was brought to the working world. Refrigeration improved, lighting improved, portable generators improved, and new needs were realized and fulfilled. As the company grew and battled through turbulent times, the Rezek doctrines of service, quality, creativity and hard work always remained.

Today the Rezek Companies have developed into nothing less than an empire of equipment resources with 186 trucks and over 1000 increments of equipment specifically designed and maintained for incident deployment. Highly technical communications, I.T. equipment, office environments, airbase control, satellite access, cell towers, wireless mobility, and complete ICP systems have been added to the index. Refrigerated trucks have expanded into all areas of food service equipment including field kitchens, scullery trailers, food preparation trailers, and complete MKU support packages.

The Rezek companies remain as family owned and operated. Ron V. Rezek is fondly referred to as “Senior.” Jeannie Rezek is “Mom.” The son, Ron R. Rezek, is “Junior.” Daily operations include continual fleet improvement, maintenance, and construction. The light fixture manufacturing division produces over 800 industrial light fixtures per day. The portable generator division distributes 16,000+ generators per year. It is no secret however that incident support is the true passion for the Rezek family and it all started with a steak dinner back in 1957.